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TYPING. 76 words a minute. I’m fast. You can dictate or I can transcribe from an audio file.

SPREADSHEETS. You got too much info in your brain. Tax, budgets, or tracking who from your extended family has contributed to this years’ Christmas Party. I can help categorize and organise the heck out of any chaos.

EMAILS. You got that red badge anxiety. I’ve got a system.

RESEARCH OR DATA ENTRY. Whether it’s for something personal or your business needs an extra hand in trawling through the web. I love collating information.

SOFTWARE. I know all the programmes. Wordpress, Squarespace, Xero, both Mac and Windows Applications, Photoshop, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey, InDesign.


If you’d like to work with me, send me an email and we can have a real-life conversation on the phone, discuss over email or meet up for a coffee.


"I can’t speak highly enough of Abby. She’s basically the perfect human, or actually superhuman. She’s super focused and efficient (the person who recommended her to me gushed, saying she is awesome, funny, fast and focused, and about a thousand other accurate adjectives). Having worked with her I completely agree except I’d add that she’s also a brilliant creative thinker and problem solver. She’s amazing to work with - when I’ve felt really stressed she’s turned up and we’ve cranked through the work at an amazing pace which feels sooo good - but also she’s all about the sustainability which I love. Tea breaks and lunch breaks actually happen. And the korero on those is the best. Also, at my elderly age of 40, I’ve been really lucky to work with her because she has her finger on the pulse in terms of all things digital and internet. She’s helped me sort out a way to do my website, social media and heaps of other stuff in a way that feels authentic, which is a massive turn around for me.

- Jack Trolove, Artist