wellington copywriter

You can request a full description of my copywriting and content writing services, pricing by emailing me here.


BRAND. Whether it’s a one-off event, new company, or you’re looking to rebrand an existing one, I can help with defining your tone of voice. Perhaps you need to revision the way you describe your services, a tagline to appeal to a particular market, or you simply need a couple of paragraphs written about the team. Whatever it is, defining your linguistic fingerprint is essential to ensuring your business or event stands out.

BIOGRAPHIES. Most people shiver at the idea of having to promote themselves or list their accolades, but that’s what I’m here for. Whether you need help with your CV, a blurb for your Ted Talk or an entire biography, I can ensure you come across as all the things you need to; Intelligent but funny, cool and carefree, spontaneous and definitely professional. Whatever they are, I’m your cheerleader.

MARKETING. Social media, email campaigns, blog content and physical posters. I can articulate quality content no matter the word limit (and in some cases assist in the design).

EDITING. Either you need your content proofed, or you’ve got pages and pages of genius ramblings that you need to make sense of. I can edit and proof, or turn complex into simple.


I have an hourly rate. Request a full description of my copywriting and content writing services by flicking me an email. We can discuss maximum hours and your budget when we talk about what you need done.