Shut Up & Dance

I started Shut Up & Dance with my amazing friends and nut-bars Clair Thomas and Lesa MacLeod-Whiting.  What started out as a genuine desire to learn the Single Ladies routine has turned into a not-suprisingly popular dance-fitness revolution in New Zealand where you turn up at a class, learn about a minutes worth of choreo inspired by a film or music video and then you go home.

I wear a lot of hats when it comes to Shut Up & Dance. Iā€™m a Director/Producer. As a co-founder and business manager, I take control of our accounts, human resource management and day-to-day operations. I am also the marketing manager in charge of our social media, website and brand. This is my favourite part; I love creating memes, copywriting, and developing creative content and strategy to make our customers laugh and engage our community.

Lesa and Clair are the other two co-founders.  Clair is our amazing choreographer, head instructor and creative director and Lesa is the third brain behind the company; you'd be hard pressed to find anyone else who is as outlandishly hilarious yet deeply intuitive as her.

We don't allow photos or videos in our classes.  We have no mirrors and close the doors, because our focus is on feeling good, not looking good.  Our website is here.